Hoodwinked Too! Hood v.s Evil Movie Review  By Rhea

In Hood vs. Evil, Red and the gang are back at it again.  The witch has kidnapped two innocent kids, Hansel and Gretel, and Granny, Wolf, and Twitch try to save them.  Though they try, not only do they fail, but Granny is also kidnapped.  Granny is kidnapped because the witch needs her to make a recipe stolen from the Sisters of the Hood, a group that both Granny and Red belong to.  This recipe will make the witch super powerful and smart, which makes it even more important that she be stopped.  The witch needs Granny to make the recipe because only Sisters of the Hood know the secret ingredient.  Granny pretends to help, but she is truly looking for escape.  At the same time, Red, Wolf, and Twitchy take on the job of trying to save Granny.  But with Red and Wolf fighting, it is difficult to get anything done.  Can they overcome their difference and save Granny and the world?

I really like Hood vs. Evil.  Many people probably think that this is a lame movie because it is an animated children’s movie.  This is not true.  Hood vs. Evil was a really funny movie.  Sometimes the jokes were stupid, but they were funny nonetheless.  The plot was okay, but slightly predictable, but the two little kids, Hansel and Gretel, were hilarious!  This is a great movie!