Gnome and Juliet Movie Review   By Rhea

Gnomeo and Juliet is another spin of the original Romeo and Juliet. This time, rather than people, Gnomeo and Juliet are lawn gnomes. The two gnome families live next door to each other and have been competing for a long time. They are sworn enemies. Both gnome families have their own specific colors, which distinguishes them from each other. While Gnomeo is trying to get away from the Capulet gnomes after sabotaging their belongings, he meets Juliet. She is in disguise and trying to get take a special flower. The two fall in love even though they cannot because they are different colors. They try to meet together but it is difficult because they are not supposed to. How can their love possibly survive?

Gnomeo and Juliet was, in my opinion, not that great of a movie. I had to read Romeo and Juliet last year in English class, so I know how the actual story goes. Because of this, I did not enjoy the movie very much. The movie was much different from the book, but I expect that this is because it is supposed to be a children’s movie and thus not supposed to be as dark and sad. I must admit it was funny at parts, and in some aspects similar to the book. I did not like the movie because it differed too much from the book, but if one hasn’t read the book then they may like the movie because it is both funny and happy.