Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rule  Movie Cover  By Rhea

Rodrick Rules is a movie based on a popular book series.  Greg is no longer a newbie at his middle school.  He is finally in seventh grade, and he hopes to do great things.  There’s a new girl in school, Holly Hills, and Greg wants to ask her out.  Of course, his older brother Rodrick is out to get him, and that means making sure that Greg looks like a fool in front of Holly.  Rodrick and Greg have a horrible relationship and their parents want to fix that.  Their idea is to start giving out “Mom Bucks” every time the two boys hang out.  Of course, this doesn’t help in any way.  However, the boys do bond when their parents leave town for a few days.  Rodrick throws a party which Greg and his friend enjoy.  When their parents say they are coming home early, Rodrick and Greg have to work hard to make sure no one ever finds out about the party.  This makes the boys bond together, but how long can their peace last?  Troubles will Holly and troubles with Rodrick make it hard for Greg to survive middle school.

Rodrick Rules is a terrific movie.  The plot is okay, though slightly predictable.  However, the characters’ acting is great, especially Greg’s friends.  The entire cast is great at comedic acting which makes the movie much better.  There are a ton of funny comments and jokes that had me laughing the entire time.  I haven’t read the books so I don’t know how it compares, but looking at just the movie, it was very funny.  Even though the plot wasn’t that great, the jokes were which make this movie completely worth watching.  It’s a great movie!