Death Sentence Book Cover  By Rhea

Death Sentence, by Alexander Gordon Smith, is the third book in the Escape from Furnace series. After another failed attempt to escape from the prison, Alex and his friends Zee and Simon have finally been captured by the Warden. Now the three will be given a punishment equivalent to, if not worse than, death. The three will be turned into black suits, the Warden’s “employees,” who make sure that things in the prison continue smoothly and the Warden continues to be able to do whatever he wants. The black suits are boys from the prison who were taken, and they are supposed to have no memory of who they once were. Alex does not want to become one of these, of course, but it is almost impossible to resist since he is especially weak while the Warden is powerful. Alex won’t go quietly, he won’t give up who he is, and he won’t stop fighting. But slowly he starts to lose himself and starts to think that becoming a black suit is a good thing because it makes him powerful. He starts to become “brainwashed” and think that the weak don’t deserve to live. With thoughts like these swimming through his head, how can Alex possibly escape?

Just like its predecessors, Death Sentence is an amazing book. Again it captivates the reader and there is no way to put the book down. I sure couldn’t! The writing makes one feel as though he or she is Alex. One becomes completely immersed in the story. Just like the previous books in the series, Death Sentence is a very violent book. I found it to be very sad as well. However, it is not all gloom and doom. It is an intense, fast-paced book that never lets one get bored. While the ending doesn’t exactly lead one hanging, it does make them look forward to the next book (which sadly comes out in 2012). Everyone should read this book!