Cross Game Book Cover  By Rhea

Cross Game, by Mitsuru Adachi, is a manga, a Japanese comic, about a boy named Ko Kitamura and his adventures with baseball. Ko Kitamura was best friends with a girl in his neighborhood, Wakaba. The two were always together. However, Wakaba died trying to save another girl while swimming. Ko is an amazing batter at baseball because he has been batting at Wakaba’s family’s batting center his whole life, but he is not as great a pitcher. He works hard so that he can improve and become better than Aoba, Wakaba’s little sister. He wants to fulfill Wakaba’s dream for him to pitch in front of a packed house at a prestigious stadium. A while after Wakaba’s death, Ko joins the baseball team in hopes of making this dream come true. But things are difficult because the coach only allows his hand-picked students to play. Will Ko’s dream ever come true? This is only the beginning!

This is a review of Cross Game volumes 1-6 because those are the ones available at the Farmington library. The six books are all combined because they all continue from one to the next and it is hard to write a review about just one volume. As said before, Cross Game is a Japanese comic. Many people to do not like to read comics but Cross Game is actually a pretty good manga. The story is centered around baseball so baseball fans will love this series. The plot is interesting, but the best part is that it is a comic and is thus illustrated. The art in the books is nice and, while not that detailed, still conveys the correct emotions, and thus adds to the appeal of the books. Overall this is a good book and one should try it even if they do not often read comics.