Alex Van Helsing: Voice of the Undead Book Cover  By Rhea

Voice of the Undead, by Jason Henderson, is about Alex Van Helsing, a young vampire hunter in training. He works for the Polidorium, a group working towards stopping the evil vampires. Alex is constantly attacked by these vampires. One day on his way back to his boarding school after vampire hunter training, Alex is attacked by Elle, a vampire who is out to get him. She throws blood-sucking worms at him, but he gets rid of them, or so he thinks. When he gets back to his dorm room, he finds that one of these worms is still in his jacket. This worm ends up biting Steven, one of the meaner boys at the school, and also leads to Alex setting fire to his room. Not only does his room catch fire, but he also ends up burning down part of his school. With his school inhospitable, the entire student body moves to LaLaurie, their partner school for girls. While adjusting to life with the girls and preparing for a debutante ball, Alex also has to watch out for new danger. The Polidorium has learned that a special vampire, Ultravox, is coming to the school for vampires, which conveniently happens to be located under the lake where Alex’s school and LaLaurie are built. With so many problems it’s hard to do anything right, but Alex has to manage or else things will not be pretty.

Voice of the Undead is an okay book.  It’s good, but it’s nothing special.  The plot is good but slightly predictable.  There are some moments when you get annoyed because what’s going to happen next is much too obvious.  Still, the story is interesting and does make you want to read it.  The book is fast paced and doesn’t waste much time with worthless details, which is good.  It is an action/adventure novel, but even then I think most people would like the book.  It is a good book if one wants to pass the time and is looking for a quick read because this book is pretty short and easy to read.  It isn’t the best book, but it isn’t that bad either, and I would recommend it to anyone who just wants to pass the time for a little while.