By Raveeshthe hitchhiker's guide book coverna

This novel was written before the movie came out and this story was originally a series of radio programs that Adams had taken and written together into a novel format.  This novel revolves around a certain Englishman by the name of Author Dent who became the only surviving human from the supercomputer called Earth, due to a kind hitchhiker by the name of Forde Perfect.  This book takes the reader through Dent’s journey though the “universe, time, and everything else.” where he attempts to find the “man who really rules the universe”and the true history of the game cricket.  He also visits the restaurant at the end of the world, starts the human race on earth, goes mad, an escapes the revenge on a reincarnated soul.  Along the way he also reads Gods last words to his creations and becomes a splendid sandwich maker in a primitive world.  To sum it all up, this story is great for a person who wishes for a good laugh.  Something that I can guarantee will happen when they meet in the Hooloovoo, or Marvin the depressed robot.  This is a novel that has a ship-load of sci-fi, a sprinkle of romance, and slight attacks at life in general that will leave the reader wishing for more.  By the way, the people that I have mentioned are not all the characters present in this novel  There are also many other adventures that happened that I have not mentioned along with the interesting explanations for the events in question, though I must also warn you that this novel is only for those who are willing to sacrifice a large portion of one afternoon to read.