cold mountain coverBy Raveeshna

The story starts in a Confederate military hospital where Inman (the male lead) is recovering from battle wounds.  Tired of fighting for a cause he never believed in and longing for his home at Cold Mountain, he sneaks out of the hospital after nightfall and sets out west on a journey.  The narrative alternates between the story of Inmn and that of Ada Monroe.  Ada is a minister’s daughter who moves from the city to the farm in the rural mountain called Cold Mountain.  Also, throughout the novel the author flashbacks to the two’s past before the civil war split them apart.  When Ada’s father dies in Black Cove, the farm that Ada lived on, is reduced to a state of despair.  Her friends feeling pity fr her, sent a friend by the name of Ruby to see Ada.  Ruby teaches her how to survive but on the condition that she is treated as an equal rather than a servant.

Throughout the story, Inman faces many different dangers that befall an escaping the Confederate shoulder.  It is there that he learns of the different faces of humanity.  While Ada attempts to reconcile Ruby with her abusive father that abandoned her as a child.  This book continues until Ada and Inman are reconciled.  The author is able to convey a sense of irony in the love that the two express to each other.  The true thing that they long for is not the other as much as the past that the two represent.  The past that contained harmony and safety that the war ripped apart, and their love for each other is not love for a person as much as it is the two of them being in love with the idea of being in love.  But it was the very illusion that helped them overcome the difficulty they had faced and it was for those very reasons that I enjoyed the novel.  For it was an interesting twist to a basic romantic plot line.