By Rhea

The Warlock, by Michael Scott, is the fourth book in the series, which started with The Alchemist. The end is rapidly approaching. The twins of legend, Sophie and Josh, have been divided. Sophie remains with the Flamels, the Alchemist and the Sorceress, while Josh has joined Dee, the Necromancer. Both are uncertain of their decisions, unsure if they are following the right path. Josh is mad at his sister for imprisoning the beautiful “woman” he and Dee brought to this world. Sophie, however, misses Josh more than anything. She will do anything and everything to bring him back. To add to the problems, the Alchemist is dying and the twins’ beloved friend, Scatty, is trapped in the past. Nothing seems to be going right for the Alchemist and his group, while Dee is about to take control of the world. But there is still time…

The Warlock is an exciting, fast-paced book. This entire series is amazing. Not once has this book been predictable, and I have been kept at the edge of my seat. The plot is perfect and there are many surprises, all of which are completely unexpected. Additionally, the ending has one final twist that no one can possibly see coming. It has lots of action and is very fast paced. I think that just about everyone will love this book! The only problem is that much of the plot has its roots in ancient mythology, and thus it is often hard to understand and remember different characters and items. This is just a minor problem, and all in all the book is great. It is a must-read!