By Rhea

My Sister’s Keeper, by Jodi Picoult, is the story of young Anna, who is suing her family for rights to her body.  She was conceived for a special purpose: to help her sister survive.  Her sister, Kate, has a special and deadly form of Leukemia.  Anna was born to be the perfect match for Kate.  She would be the perfect donor to save Kate’s life.  But after blood and marrow donations, Anna has had enough.  All her life she has been giving, but this time, they are asking for too much.  Her family wants her to donate a kidney to help Kate live.  Anna just can’t do this.  She wants to be her own person for once, but before she can do this, she must win the court case against her parents.  And that is not going to be easy.  Her mom wants her to cancel the suit and at the same time donate the kidney.  While she wants Anna to be happy, but she also wants Kate to live.  If Anna doesn’t donate, her sister will die.  With all the conflicting emotions, Anna doesn’t know what to do.  It all depends on the judge’s decision…

I both loved and hated My Sister’s Keeper.  The story is captivating, and it opens a new window into the lives  of those who have family members suffering from a disease.  Many will be able to connect to the characters and their problems because the whole story is so life-like.  The story on a whole is good, which is why I loved the book.  However, I hated the book because of the ending.  The ending is a complete surprise, and it shocked me.  The book is great but at the same time immensely sad.  One should only read this book if they are ready to both love and hate it, as I am sure they will.