By Rhea

Lockdown, by Alexander Gordon Smith, is the first book in the Escape from Furnace series. Alex was a “normal” kid. He wasn’t all that bad, but he often stole. He stole from everyone in hopes of making some quick cash. One day, he and his friend Toby break into a specific house when they hear someone. Turns out there are many men in the house, and they are not there to stop the two boys. They shoot Toby and frame Alex. Because of this, Alex is sent to Furnace Penitentiary, a new underground prison for juvenile delinquents. Once there, Alex realizes that the horrors there are worse than anything on Earth. During the “day” things are bad enough in the tough conditions, but things are even worse at night. That’s when inmates are taken from their cells and never seen again. But when all hope seems lost, Alex and his group of friends come up with a plan for the impossible: escape from furnace. Chances of escape are slim, and the consequences are worse than death. Can they make it?

Lockdown is a great book, but many may not like it. The plot is great and the book is very intense. This book keeps you on your toes. However, some may find this book too violent. There isn’t much violence itself in the book, but “some scenes may be too frightening for children.” There are some pretty gruesome things that happen in this book. I think that this is an amazing book, but it is violent. Many parts of the book are also a little depressing. However, I love this book, and you should give it a chance, too!