By Kendallpetals on the wind book cover image

Petals on the Wind is the second installment in the Dollanganger series (The first book being Flowers in the Attic).  This book, is about the adventures of the remaining three Foxworth children, and what happens to them after they escape.  Their intention was to take a train ride all the way to Florida, but suddenly Carrie becomes very ill, and needs emergency medical attention.  A maid of a doctor, Henny, brings the children to the doctor’s house, Paul.  Paul ends up falling in love with the children, and takes them in as wards.  However, one of the children end up falling in love with Paul, too.  Soon enough all three children are old enough to go to college, ballet school, and get jobs.  But, revenge is always on Cathy’s mind, and she doesn’t stop until she serves Corrine, her mother, with justice.  All three children carry the scars of being locked away in an attic, and they carry that throughout their lives.  Chris, Cathy and Carrie struggle to have a normal life, and by the end of Petals on the Wind, it doesn’t seem possible.

I would highly recommend Petals on the Wind by V.C. Andrews.  It is a phenomenal book that continues the rough life of all three children.  New characters join with old characters, to create a dynamic in the book like no other.  The love expressed from Chris to Cathy melts any heart, and the repercussions of the children’s hard life in the attic spark drama, twists, and mystery in the book.  Petals on the Wind wasn’t as good as the first book, Flowers in the Attic, but it was still a fantastic book, that isn’t boring, and makes me want to start the third.