By Rhea

Top of the Feud Chain is the final novel in the Alphas series, a series stemming from the Clique series.  The time to choose the Alpha for life is fast approaching, but Shira has left the island, leaving the girls up to their own adventures.  Instead of having fun since there is no longer anyone to stop them, the girls invent their own challenges, each one hoping to prove that she is the Alpha for life.  After winning one of these challenges, Skye is challenged by friends of the Skye’s defeated opponent.  They agree on a race through the sky using planes.  Since Skye isn’t great at flying the planes, she calls on her friends, Allie, Charlie, Taz, Mel, and Darwin, to help her win.   But things go horribly wrong and the plane crashes into the Mojave Desert, leaving the six friends stranded.  How will they survive?

Top of the Feud Chain is an overall good book.  While it is probably not the book for boys, girls will definitely like it.  If one has liked the Clique series and the previous Alphas books, then they will surely like this book.  While I do not usually enjoy these books, I really like this one.  It has a surprising twist at the end that no one could have seen coming.  The plot is very good and the final twist brings everything together, making it a good book.  Try it!