Vesper book cover image





By Rhea

Vesper is Emily Webb’s account of the week leading up to her capture.  Emily Webb was a geeky girl who wore too-large hoodies, thick glasses, and basically stayed hidden.  She was not popular, but she did not really care.  Then, one night, the same night that the popular Emily from her school is murdered, Emily Webb finds herself changing.  That night, before she finds out about the murder, Emily is dressed in “trashy” clothes and is getting ready to jump out of her window so that she can get out and do something rather than just sit at home.  When she gets the call about the death of the other Emily, Emily Webb comes back inside and wonders what she was doing.  She has no idea what made her want to do what she was about to do.  The same thing happens every night.  Geeky Emily by day, adventurous Emily by night.  To add to the problems, Emily is also being hunted by a man who wants to murder her.  What in the world is going on?

Vesper is a pretty good book, but it is nothing special.  The story line was interesting, but the book left a lot of loose ends, which I assume will be pulled together in the next book, if there is one.  This book had both adventure and romance, but it got very predictable at times.  I liked the book, but there are a hundred other books just like it.  If you happen to have the time, I still think that you should read it.  It’s not that great, but it’s not that bad either!