dreams of the dead book cover imageBy Rhea

In Dreams of the Dead, Kara has just moved to Japan with her father, hoping to start fresh.  Her father has a teaching position at a school in Japan, and Kara is ready to try something new.  Sure, the schoolwork is hard and it’s difficult to make new friends, but that’s to be expected.  Kara’s doing pretty well.  She makes two good friends, Sakura and Miho.  But things start to get worse.  It turns out that Sakura’s sister was murdered at the school, but her death is still a mystery.  Now many girls at school are having nightmares about her death.  Sakura thinks that these are the girls that were connected to her sister’s murder, but that doesn’t explain why Kara is also having these nightmares.  These girls, including Kara, can no longer sleep, but that is not the worst of their problems.  Girls start ending up dead, and no one knows why.  Is Sakura’s sister’s spirit killing the girls, or is there something else at play?

Dreams of the Dead was an amazing book, and I absolutely loved it.  This book isn’t your typical fairy tale.  Since it takes place in Japan, the plot revolves around a Japanese folktale.  It is at times annoying when the book references Japanese words and facts, but that also makes the book more interesting.  The plot is very unpredictable because, as said before, it revolves around a Japanese story.  It is unlikely that we have heard this in the U.S.  This is a very good book.  You must read it!!