secert garden book cover imageBy Karley
In the novel, The Secret Garden the author provides a powerful description of the character Mary.  Her whole life has been full of sadness and death.  Both her mother and her father died, and an Indian mistress was the one who raised her, her whole life.  Even when her parents were alive, she never really saw them.  The day her parents died, Mary woke up to an empty house because everyone had abandoned her.  When a solider came, he told her that everyone had died, even the Indian mistress who cared for her.  She was then forced to live when her mean old uncle who she never sees.  She spent most of her time outdoors, and found a locked garden with no door.  Mary has always wanted a place of her own that she can love and depend on to always be there for her.  She knows that no matter what happens in her life, the garden will be there waiting for her to unlatch the lock, and come in.  I know she felt this way because she never had a stable figure in her life, and the one thing she did love, died along with both her parents.  She never had any consistency in her life, which made the garden good for her, it was always there.