rot and ruin book cover image

By Rhea


Rot & Ruin takes place years into the future when a disease which turns humans into zombies has swept through the world.  Tom Imura is said to be the best zombie hunter but his younger brother, Benny, disagrees.  Benny thinks that Charlie and The Hammer are the best hunters, but his viewpoint changes one day when he goes hunting with Tom.  His trip with Tom changes him, and he sees things much differently.  Most of all, he sees that the other hunters are not as great as they claim to be.  This new belief leads him to stand up against Charlie and The Hammer, but he then faces consequences.  After a horrific night filled with zombie attacks, deaths, and the kidnapping of the girl he loves, Benny must decide who he trusts, and who he really wants to be.  Will Benny survive the perilous journey and save his love, or will he die like many others?  Read the book to find out!


Rot & Ruin is a very good book.  It is now one of my all-time favorites.  The book is very thick and seems very long, but the story is so good that it is easy to finish the book in a day.  The book starts off slowly and seems a bit boring, but don’t be put off by that!  It soon becomes very interesting and suspenseful.  The book has lots of action, but it also has some romance and mystery.  To me the story seems a little sad, but it is still a very good book.  Definitely read this if you get the chance!