Catching Fire book cover imageKatniss Evergreen has defied the Capitol, won the hearts of Panem, and made Capitol officials very, very angry.  Katniss is now seen throughout Panem as the symbol for rebellion and defiance, something President Snow isn’t happy about.  The Victor’s trip around Panem, doesn’t fix the angry feelings across the country towards the Capitol like Katniss hoped, and now officials of Panem are infuriated by her incapability of ceasing the rebellion.  The 75th Hunger Games, doesn’t help the situtation.  All previous victors had to be re-entered into the Hunger Games, which means that when Peeta and Katniss get entered to go into the games again.  Katniss loses all hope of winning again, until the rebels of Panem capture all of the tributes and make them apart of their master plan to destroy the Capitol.  Katniss becomes the head of the revolt, and has to save Peeta, a captive of the Capitol.

I highly reccomend this book, too, especially if you’ve read the Hunger Games.  Catching Fire wasn’t as good as the Hunger Games, but it was still an excellent, fun, suspense filled easy book to read.  I would reccomend it if you want an easy book to read when you want something light and fun, or if you’ve read the Hunger Games and are thinking of reading the second book in the the trilogy.  I personally really like this book, even though I didn’t think I would.  If you have extra time on your hands and don’t know what to read, read Catching Fire.  You don’t really need to read the Hunger Games to read Catching Fire, but reading the Hunger Games gives you a background of what is happening.  Reading Catching Fire will be worth you time, because it is one of the best books I’ve ever read.