Beastly book cover imageBy Rhea

Beastly is a newer, modern version of of Beauty and the Beast.  Kyle Kingsbury is rich and popular, and he takes full advantage of his status.  He also loves to make fun of those who are “below” him.  He plays the ultimate prank on a girl in his English class, and she gets revenge.  It turns out she’s a witch, and she casts a spell and puts him under a curse which makes him look like a beast.  The witch shows him some mercy because before he made a fool of the witch, he gave his rose to a poor girl and made her happy.  Because of his unintended act of kindness, the witch makes it so that he can end the curse by finding true love.  His task is hard because he is a freakish, ugly beast.  He has two years, but is it really enough?

Beastly is an interesting new take on the old version.  It is mostly romance, so I would recommend this to girls.  The plot is suspenseful and has some unexpected twists.  It is a pretty quick read, so you can read it whenever you have the time.  I enjoyed the book a lot more than the movie, but that is just my opinion.  All in all it is a pretty good book.  It is not the best book ever, but it is still entertaining.  Read it if you get the chance!