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In the year 2032, video games are still the best way to pass the time.  The latest and most popular video game lets the user hunt zombies.  This game is based on the zombie flu, which turned people to zombies not too long ago.  Josh is one of the many who play this game.  After seeing his amazing skills and killing virtual zombies, Josh is invited to join a “club” where the people supposedly battle zombies in real life.  Of course they aren’t real zombies.  At least that’s what the people say.  But there is a lot more to the game than these people are letting on.  What is this game really about?

This is an amazing book filled with action and suspense.  It has an interesting plot and is hard to put down.  A few times the book gets a little predictable and the reader knows what is going to happen, but for the most part it is very unpredictable.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action and suspense.  Even if you don’t, you should still read this book because it is very good.  It is impossible to put down!