Cover image of Acceleration by Graham McNameeReviewed by Shawna

This has to be one of my favorite suspense/mystery books yet! I found myself not being able to put it down. the main character Duncan is working in a dead-end summer job that allows him to explore the wonders of a train station basement; in the spare time of not exploring he is the lost and found guard for the Toronto train station. This thriller is a nonstop mystery of who did it. When Duncan finds a small journal with detailed and disturbing information relating to women. I loved how McNamee used the detail to let the reader figure out on their own whom the keeper of the journal is. This book let readers imagine the summer that Duncan goes through seeing how he is also dealing with personal family issues. The journal allows Duncan to escape his family life by becoming a detective in his mind, ironically that is what Acceleration does for its readers, it gives them a break from reality.

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