Cover image of the Freedom Writers DiaryReviewed by Shawna

I enjoyed this book with an infatuation; I have fallen in love with the true story of the Freedom Writers. The events that these California kids went through in the broken down and rough school are dramatic and unbelievable. The simple idea that there are kids going through harder school situations is heartbreaking, they don’t have the opportunity to learn what others are learning and they don’t have the chance to compete education wise with others. This book brings up a topic that is always hard to face, the amount of separation between the students because of their races. In the book the students separate themselves based on their race because that’s the only thing they have been accustomed to. Some of the students as young as 15, are placed in gangs and violent situations and end up being dead or injured. This book is heartwarming as the school changes and becomes closer with some of the teacher’s own personal techniques to better people, even though she struggles not only to bring her class together, but also with the personal issues at home. The fact that this book is 100 percent non-fiction makes it even more fascinating and interesting to any reader.

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