Time Travelers (Gideon Trilogy) by Linda Buckley-Archer

Time Travelers book cover image

Reviewed by Shruti

The Time Travelers is about two kids, Kate Dyer and Peter Schock, who accidentally travel back to 1763. It was done with a machine that was supposed to do something with dark matter but instead it turned the dark matter into a time wormhole so that you travel back in time. When they landed there they forgot everything, but luckily Gideon found them. Before that happened the Tar Man, Gideon’s enemy and his master’s (Lord Luxom) henchman, stole the dark matter machine. Since Gideon knows the Tar Man he knew that the machine was being taken to London. They later find a family close to Gideon that shelters them in their time of need and helps them find the Tar Man. Once they get to London, Kate and the family are captured when Gideon and Peter go for a walk. After Peter and Gideon save them they find their route to London and it is a battle to the finish. Once they get there they have to race on horses to see who gets what. If Gideon wins he gets the machine for Kate and Peter. If the Tar Man wins he gets Gideon as a servant for Lord Luxon.

Who will win? Will Lord Luxon be stopped? Will Kate and Peter go back to their time? All questions answered in the book, so read it.

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