Bluestar’s Prophecy by Erin Hunter

Bluestar's Prophecy book cover image

Reviewed by Shruti

Bluestar’s prophecy is about how a young kit finds out she has a destiny to save her clan. This kit is named Bluekit. In the story she grows from Bluekit to Bluepaw and from Bluepaw to Bluefur. When she was Bluekit she had a beautiful sister, Snowkit, and a mother, Moonflower. She had opened her eyes late but from that minute Goosefeather, the medicine cat of ThunderClan, knew she would be the future of Thunderclan. When she had become Bluepaw, Goosefeather had predicted that WindClan would destroy ThunderClan and the only way to make sure that wouldn’t happen was to destroy their medicine supplies. Moonflower had snuck in the WindClan medicine den during a battle and destroyed it but then the medicine cat, Hawkheart, came after her and attacked her and she died. Later on Snowfur had mated and had a kit named  Whitekit with Thistleclaw, one of Thunder Clan’s best warriors. But when Snowfur and Bluefur go out for some air near the Thunderpath they spot two ShadowClan warriors hunting on ThunderClan territory and Snowfur wanted revenge. She leaps for them and then gets hit by a Monster (car). From that day on Bluefur has to take care of Whitekit and then he becomes Whitestorm. Later on Bluefur had fell in love with Oakheart, a RiverClan warrior, but she wasn’t allowed to. Plus she still had to become deputy to stop Thistleclaw from destroying ThunderClan. How will Bluestar go on? Read the book to find out.

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