Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate

Home of the Brave book cover image

Reviewed by Akash

I read the book Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate. This book takes place in Minnesota and is about a young boy from Sudan named Kek who is sent to America after violence killed his brother, father and other people in his camp, and left his mother missing. Kek has never experienced much technology in Sudan and is surprised by many things that Americans take for granted like an airplane, which Kek calls “The flying boat”, a toilet, which he called the “magic water bowl”, and a TV which he calls the “TV machine”. Kek is unlucky in that he had come during a very cold winter in Minnesota and immediately hates it. He feels the sting of the snow, and when he walks on ice, he falls. In the whole book, Kek is hoping to save his mother and bring her to America to be with him, but until then, he lives with his aunt and cousin Ganwar, who lost his left hand in the violence. Kek is surprised by the wealth of anyone in the US. When his aunt gives him clothes for school he is surprised that he gets his own pair of jeans and in his ESL class in school he did not know that he doesn’t have to pay to sit at his own desk in school. In ESL his classmates become good friends with him like the girl from Ethiopia, and the boy from Nicaragua, but he also befriends a foster child named Hannah (who is not in ESL), who makes a strong impact on Kek’s life. Also, after breaking some plates, Kek finds a job at a farm where he finds comfort in a cow because there were many herds of cows in Sudan. After many different adventures, Kek’s mother is found and brought to America. I would recommend this book to poetry lovers and those who would enjoy a sad story.

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