Song of the Sparrow by Lisa Ann Sandell

Song of the Sparrow book cover image

Reviewed by Amanda

In the days of King Arthur there was a woman, Elaine of Ascolat, ever since then many stories have been told about this interesting and beautiful girl, but never like this.

In “Song of the Sparrow” by Lisa Ann Sandell, Elaine becomes a tomboy with no mother, living in a war camp amongst hundreds of men since she was a young eight year old girl. She can swim like a boy and is well trained in healing arts. She has many responsibilities in the camp being the only woman at the camp, so she is thrilled when another girl shows up at camp. But when Gweniviere proves to be cold-hearted and evil, Elaine must again do everything herself. But when her life depends on it can Gwen pull through?

Lisa Ann Sandell shows how true friendship can change your life forever. I recommend this book for anyone who likes romantic, drama, action and adventure all wrapped up into one.

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