Peeled by Joan Bauer

Peeled book cover image

Reviewed by Akash

I read the book Peeled by Joan Bauer. This book takes place in the farming town of Banesville, New York where the whole story takes place. This book is about a young journalist named Hildy Biddle and her high school newspaper. Hildy Biddle was born on her family’s orchard and got her journalistic talents from her deceased father Mitch Biddle, who was also a reporter. Hildy is the best reporter on her school newspaper The Core and is finally getting her chance to prove to the town that she is more than a high school reporter. Her main story is the proclaimed haunted house “The Ludlow House”. The ghost of old man Ludlow haunted this so-called haunted house when he died. Also, after finding a man dead under the same tree that another dead person was found, the town’s tension begins to incline. Hildy does not believe in ghosts and is determined to get the fact not fiction out of this story and finally give the citizens of Banesville what they want, the truth. Unfortunately, the local newspaper, The Bee, aggravates the peoples fear by posting shocking headlines about the murders and injury happening at the Ludlow place. Hildy and her co-workers are going to stop at nothing to find the underlying cause of this story. Can they figure out who is behind the tensions of Banesville?

I really enjoyed reading this book. It gave me the tensions and mysterious feel of a mystery, and the not obvious humor that I like. I encourage mystery lovers and anyone else to try Peeled by Joan Bauer.

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