Robyn (Making a Splash), by Jade Parker

Reviewed by Natalie

I have just read the book Robyn (Making a Splash) by Jade Parker. Robyn and BFF Caitlin got jobs at the water park called Paradise Falls. Caitlin’s brother Sean is a supervisor at Paradise Falls. Robyn has to work in a kiddy area with Sean, her supervisor. At first Robyn thought Sean was annoying but after hanging around with him, she started to like him. This book also includes a girl named Whitney who Sean wants them to hang out with. They think Whitney is rich, spoiled and is hiding secrets from them! A lot of action (bad and good) happens in this book like now Robyn saves a kid or how Caitlin’s boyfriend cheated on her. I like this book because it was a page turner. To find out what happens, read this book!