Define Normal, by Julie Anne Peters [teen fiction]

Reviewed by Natalie

I have just finished the book Define Normal by Julie Anne Peters. This book is about two girls (Antonia and Jazz) who are in peer counseling together. Antonia’s mother has a mental issue and Antonia has to take care of her two younger brothers alone since her dad abandoned her. Jazz’s parents are way too strict and doesn’t give Jazz the freedom she wants. When Antonia meets Jazz in teen counseling Antonia tries to find every possible way to quit, thinking that Jazz is a psycho punk, and other bad things, but she never thought that Jazz would love to play classical music on her piano or that she would soon be best friends with this “punk.” I personally like this book because it was a page turner and it was very suspenseful. To find out what happens in Antonia and Jazz’s lives, read this book!

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