Movie Review: Valkyrie

Reviewed by Olivia

I’m not a huge Tom Cruise fan, but after seeing this movie, I’ve changed my mind. Valkyrie is a well-made war movie, filled with suspense and intrigue. There is so much suspense in the movie that it can get viewers frustrated, and the climax made me guess about who was on what side. I was surprised at how well the cast was selected; Tom Cruise could be Claus von Stauffenburg’s clone. I wish that they chose a better actor to play Hitler. Just because a person gets a creepy mustache, that doesn’t qualify him to immediately be a Hitler look-alike. If you know your history, then you’ll know that operation Valkyrie was the last of 15 attempts against Hitler’s life. The ending is depressing most likely because this is based on a true story, and good guys don’t always win. At least World War II ended better than this film. Overall, a very worthy movie to see, which it should be since the date of this movie’s release was changed several times during filming. But don’t worry, your long wait will be rewarded.