Movie Review: Taken

Reviewed by Olivia

There is only one word to describe Taken: Wow! This movie is unmercifully interesting every second from beginning to end. Nothing in this movie needs change or improvement. It just is, without question, the best movie of 2009. Taken centers around Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson), a CIA operative, who gets a terrifying phone call from his seventeen-year-old daughter who is visiting Paris with her friend. He is told that there are strange men in the apartment and they’ve just taken his daughter’s friend. Giving his daughter a series of instructions, he tells her he will find her once she is taken. And he does, and boy is it awesome. I am still in awe at just how awe-inspiring this movie is. I can continue to tell you how great the film is, though what would be better is for you to see it for yourselves as soon as possible!