Movie Review: Knowing

Reviewed by Olivia

No words can possibly describe the disappointment I felt after seeing this movie. The previews show you this fantastic sci-fi movie that is so unique and creative that it can even appeal to skeptics. It wasn’t the story that bothered me as much as the lousy and pathetic directing the movie had. The movie had major potential but that was obliterated when some idiot decided to turn the movie into a film worthy to be classified in the “horror” genre, and decided that mixing religion and aliens was a good idea. Let me tell you something, it is NOT! And the movie’s last chance to redeem itself (in the ending) was the pessimistic ending you can imagine. I know that Nicholas Cage has been on a lousy-movie-making spree, but this has got to be the most horrible one yet. I really wish I could like this movie, it had so much potential, but now that’s down the drain. To sum it all up: don’t see this movie.