Movie Review: Angels and Demons

Reviewed by Olivia

At first I was skeptical about seeing this film, with all the religious controversy that came up with the first movie (The Da Vinci Code), but being a huge Tom Hanks fan, I gave up and went to see it. It was FANTASTIC! I was so surprised that movies actually came this good. It provided lots of fascinating details on Italy’s history and blends that with good acting and a fabulous story line. The story centers on Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), a professor at Harvard University known for studying symbology. Langdon is asked to help assist the Vatican authorities in uncovering an ancient symbol sent to them by a man who holds hostage four Cardinals (who are most likely to succeed the now-dead Pope). The threat: the kidnapper (an ancient organization called the Illuminati) will publicly kill one Cardinal every hour until midnight, and then they will destroy the city using antimatter (a destructive substance stolen from CERN). The film has the tendency to become complicated and fast-paced and therefore requires the viewer’s undivided attention. I will warn some that the movie is controversial with its attention to the similarities and differences between Christianity and science (a highly debated topic of late). I really recommend you see it. I have a feeling you won’t regret it!