Movie Review: Adam

Reviewed by Olivia

Very few movies that are made now-a-days have the same charm and simplicity as the movies that were made back then. Now, if nothing is blowing up, the public just isn’t interested. Adam is a breath of fresh air. With a slightly recognizable plot to Forrest Gump, Adam focuses on the life of Adam Raki (Hugh Dancy), a man living with Asperger’s syndrome. We meet him just when he’s recovering from the sudden death of his father. The viewers will instantly notice Adam’s distaste for change as he refuses to change any aspect of his life. Yet one day he meets the beautiful Beth Buchwald (Rose Byrne), a modern day working girl who’s just moved into his apartment building.  And for the first time in his life, Adam falls in love. Yet will his social dysfunction ruin any chance he may have with a girl who very well might change his life? This touching and tear-jerking movie, with an Oscar-worthy performance by Dancy, is just one of the many factors that recommend this charismatic, charming, and unique film.