Movie Review: What Dreams May Come

Reviewed by Randolph, 10th grader

I thought that the movie What Dreams May Come was a magnificent movie and believe that it definitely deserved an award. I highly recommend it to anyone. I loved how it was creative by making the main character’s wife’s paintings come to life. After the main character (Chris) dies in a tragic car accident, he goes to a heaven that is based on his wife’s pawintings. Everything she paints he can see, touch, and smell. Before Chris died, his two children die in a car accident as well. So therefore, his wife, Annie, is left a widow. She is so alone and distraught, she commits suicide and goes to hell. Then Chris travels to hell to save his wife, who doesn’t recognize him. Eventually, he finds her and gets her to remember who he is. He brings her to the heaven that they created, but then goes back in time to start their life over.