Rebel Angels, by Libba Bray [Teen Fiction]

Reviewed by Annie, highschooler

I’ve just finished Rebel Angels by Libba Bray and I thought that it was the perfect sequel to A Great and Terrible Beauty, while also leaving room for third book, which is now out, and I intend to read it next.  I would give this book THREE STARS ( * * * ) because I thought the plot was very addictive.  I really liked how Gemma, Felicity, and, Ann explore more of the realms and I loved how I got to sort of create my own idea of the beautiful lands, using Libba Bray’s descriptive imagery.  The twist at the end of the book was something that I never would have expected, but I was kind of disappointed, I really like Miss Moore!  I thought that Pippa’s character would become even more evil in the end, but Bray left that portion somewhat open-ended to leave plot for the third installment.  I do hope that the alliance between Kartik and Gemma holds strong in the next book, because, I LOVE KARTIK!!!!  Oh, and also, what is with this Simon kid?  Does he really love Gemma, or does he just think they would “make a fine match”?  I really hope Gemma picks Kartik in the end!! (I would!) It seems as if I’ve truly become engrossed in this series’ plot, but the part that I really love about the books are the time period that they are set in; 1895.  The detail is great and everything is quite accurate. In addition, I love to imagine that beautiful everything of the era; it takes me back in time…  I love it!!!!