The Girls, by Amy Goldman Koss [Teen Fiction]

Reviewed by Amanda, age 11

The book The Girls, by Amy Goldman Koss, is about five young girls who face the challenges of popularity and friendship. It comes from all the points of view: the populars, populars’ friends, not-so-populars, and the new populars. This book explains the challenges that girls go through every day.

I think the book really teaches girls how to deal with these challenges. For example, Maya was kicked out of the group and had no idea why, but she didn’t let it get to her (that much).

Candace was the “leader” of the group and decided who was popular and who wasn’t and when they shouldn’t be part of the group any longer.

Most of the characters in the book changed throughout the book because they saw all different points of view — being the bully to being bullied. Candace never felt what it was like to be bullied and never changed.

I enjoyed this book because it showed how, in the end, even if you really want to be popular, true friendship is always more important.